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Focus Fully on Your Patients With the Instrumentarium Focus

September 09th 2016

Revolutionise your dental practice with the Instrumentarium Focus – the extremely stable and easy to handle intraoral x-ray.

The new innovate design allows you to position the machine smoothly with no drifting or re-positioning, giving you clinically correct images every time.

There is a choice of three different arm length, making it the perfect x-ray for any dental practice. Simply choose the ideal configuration for your practice and allow the Focus to provide years of effortless service.

It is also easy to install and requires less wall space than other x-ray units so you can fully optimise your office space.

Choosing the Instrumentarium Focus means caring for your patients – as a high frequency DC x-ray unit, it provides efficient exposure for successful images, while keeping patient dose to a minimum.

It’s also the preferred choice for digital imaging that requires short and constant radiation.


For more information on the Instrumentarium Focus and what it can do for you, visit our extensive product page here.

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