Instrumentarium FOCUS

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Smooth movement – but only when you want it

The FOCUS X-ray is extremely stable yet amazingly light and easy to handle. It positions smoothly with just one hand! The movement stops when you want it to stop – no drifting or re-positioning. This exceptional stability is a result of the ADM (Anti-Drift Mechanism) in the scissor arm. This new innovative design provides complete immobility after positioning, which is essential in order to get clinically correct images.

Longest arm reach in the market

No more installation or usage compromises. The choice of three different arm lengths makes the FOCUS the perfect X-ray for any practice.
The longest arm reach available ensures the FOCUS is always where it is needed, close to the patient. Taking images is easy and convenient also in dental offices with a challenging layout.

No compromises

Choose the ideal configuration for your practice – don’t settle for any compromises. Expand your FOCUS™ with an additional control panel or remote exposure button for easier operation. Choose from a variety of cones to ensure your X-ray is the best fit for your clinical needs. The expandable and versatile FOCUS™ is extremely dependable and ready to provide years of effortless service.

Good, Better, Focus

Not all intraoral FOCUS™ units are the same. The mechanical structure and stability of FOCUS™ X-ray make patient positioning as easy as it should be. Premium components and precise X-ray output result in sharper images. The eye catching, future-proof design ensures comfortable handling and easy cleaning. These features can only be experienced by using the FOCUS™ X-ray – it simply delivers the best performance. Try it yourself and feel the difference!

Optimize your office space

The unique enclosure of electronics into the horizontal arm makes the FOCUS™ fast and easy to install and service. The small mounting system requires less space on the wall than other X-ray units. A standard wall mount or cabinet mount allows the FOCUS™ to be installed in any type of room setup. A unit-mounted FOCUS™ can be installed directly on most dental care units. Utilize your office space more efficiently with the FOCUS™ X-ray!

DC X-ray – caring for your patients

Choosing the FOCUS™ means caring for your patients. As a high-frequency intraoral DC X-ray unit, the FOCUS™ provides an efficient exposure that ensures successful images while keeping patient dose to an absolute minimum. DC is also the preferred choice for digital imaging that requires short and constant radiation.

Automatic dose display (DAP)

The built-in dose (DAP – Dose Area Product) display is a perfect solution to improve patient safety easily. The dose display allows both dose monitoring for individual patients and longer term recording. The dose is calculated and can be shown clearly after every exposure on the FOCUS™ control panel.

Pre-programmed settings

A very clear and user-friendly remote control makes your work easier. It includes pre-programmed exposure settings for all areas of both adult and pediatric dentitions.

You can also choose your own exposure settings manually and save your preferred exposures into memory. The FOCUS™ provides the choice of 60 or 70kV, depending on whether you prefer contrast or high resolution in your image. Instead of pre-programmed settings, you can choose the exposure time from 0.02 and 3.2 seconds.