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Dental Radiography Made Simple with Instrumentarium Express

July 18th 2016


The Instrumentarium Express™ is a digital imaging plate system for dental radiography, which lends itself to all types of dental practices and intra oral imaging needs.

It has multiple benefits that make the Express™ a safe investment for long-lasting performance, including the ability to be shared with multiple users over a network, and its fluent film-like workflow producing consistent clinical results quickly and at ease.


– The imaging plates have a very wide, dynamic range, meaning there is no accidental under or over exposures.

– Images are automatically processed to produce the required diagnostic information, proving reliable results.

– With a state-of-the-art display, preview images are shown allowing you to instantly correct patient positioning.

– With the display showing the operating ID and patient name, there is additional security to the workflow.

– The Express™ imaging plate system automatically erases imaging plates after image readout – plates are then ready for immediate reuse.

– The system utilises touch free technology, automatically preparing itself for capturing an image when approached with an imaging plate.

– The all-in-one system comes with a range of intraoral imaging plate sizes – suitable for all patients.

– No risk of low quality or lost images due to Guided Plate Feed.


The Instrumentarium Express™ is designed for long-lasting performance and is ideal for an office environment due to its compact size and cost effectiveness. The system has been designed with great attention to detail and will provide you with years of high quality diagnostic results.

For a quote or more information on the Instrumentarium EXPRESS™, please get in touch today.

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