SoproCare Camera

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SOPROCARE illuminates dental tissue with a specific wavelength of light between 440 and 680 nm. The exposed tissue absorbs the energy and reflects it in fluorescent form.  Images obtained through fluorescence analysis are superimposed over the anatomic images, creating an easy to interpret and visible representation of the tissue’s condition, which are otherwise invisible under white light.

Utilizing the absorption properties of the ‘blue light’, the selective chromatic amplification differentiates the color of the tissue. The subtle hues of red indicate gingival inflammation and are now clearly revealed by SOPROCARE.

All of the images are definitive, qualitative and easy to interpret – just follow the colors!


The wavelength emitted by the LED lights of SOPROCARE highlight, for the dental professional, the different tissue represented by a chromatic mapping.

Chromatic mapping in PERIO mode

Chromatic mapping in PERIO mode

Gingival inflammation can range from hues of pink all of the way to deep magenta. New plaque is highlighted by its white and grainy characteristics and old plaque is revealed as shades of yellow and orange.

SOPROCARE is a camera that is used daily as a communication tool in the dental practice. “PERIO” mode makes it all the more effective and indispensable by illuminating new plaque, old plaque and gingival inflammation.

Early identification of these conditions will result in early intervention and minimally invasive treatment, while also educating patients on their clinical needs.


Occlusal caries are clearly revealed by the bright red color in the “CARIO” mode. Other surrounding tissue is displayed in black and white, thus drawing the focus only to the carious lesion.

Chromatic mapping representing the characterization of tissues in CARIO mode

Chromatic mapping representing the characterization of tissues in CARIO mode

A carious lesion is clearly displayed by the color red, this allows the dental professional to effectively communicate treatment plans and clinical procedures to the patient, thus improving case acceptance and office productivity.




Enjoy the superior image quality you have come to expect from SOPRO, the world wide leader in intraoral cameras.

Macro mode provides magnification of up to 115 times, revealing details otherwise not visible to the naked eye. This allows for close monitoring of micro fractures and their development.

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