OP 3D-Pro

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Highlights & Advantages

  • 2D / 3D Combo device upgradeable with Ceph
  • Very low radiation doses with Low Dose Technology™
  • Maximum flexibility with 5 volume sizes up to FOV 13 x Ø 15 cm* and 4 resolutions
  • Ability to compensate for incorrect patient positioning and difficult anatomies with Multilayer feature providing five panoramic images with only one scan
  • Automatically obtaining the most optimum panoramic image layer with ORTHOfocus™
  • Simple, intuitive operation thanks to the new touch panel user interface
  • Proven modular concept for maximum investment reliability

Radiation reduction with Low Dose Technology™

The innovative Low Dose Technology™ (LDT ) of the KaVo OP 3D Pro enables optimised quality in 3D X-ray images with a lower dose of radiation.

For dose sensitive cases in particular, such as follow-up exposures or exposures of children, radiation reduction for protecting your patients represents indispensable added value.

* Study by Ludlow, John B., “Report of Dosimetry of ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP300 Maxio,” North Carolina Oral Health Institute, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, February, 2014ch

Five Fields of View — multiple possibilities

For all five volume sizes, you can choose from three image resolutions. For the 5 x Ø 5 cm (6 x Ø 4 cm*) volume, there is an endo resolution available.

Each setting provides the perfect resolution in relation to the relevant indication.

The five different volume sizes ensure reliable 3D diagnosis throughout the maxillofacial region.