KaVo OP 3D Pan™, an upgradeable pan

£11,000.00 ex VAT

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Panoramic imaging with upgrade options to 3D and cephalometric imaging

KaVo OP 3D panoramic imaging features a wide variety of views including standard panoramic, pediatric panoramic, TMJ and bitewing.  Selecting the image needed is a simple one-click operation.

Full upgradability:

The OP 3D panoramic unit is completely upgradeable. Choose the addition of cephalometric imaging, or completely upgrade and choose to add 3D imaging to your practice for even more diagnostic options.

The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™, introduced over 50 years ago, was a revolutionary groundbreaker and pacesetter for dental panoramic X-ray imaging.

Today, with more than 60,000 units sold, the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ systems are regarded as the leading name and benchmark in the X-ray world.