Instrumentarium OP30

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One-of-a-kind image quality

Image quality is a result of many things, such as carefully designed features, sufficient technical characteristics and correct patient positioning. OP30 combines these for your benefit and provides you with perfect images.

All needed imaging programs available

OP30 is a simple yet powerfull unit for every day imaging needs. All needed programs, Adult, Child, TMJ and Bitewing, are available.

With user-friendly OP30 images can be taken efficiently. Patient positioning is intuitive and taking the image, just select imaging program and patient size.

Professional software tools support the efficient diagnose making from OP30’s one-of-a-kind image quality.

Comfortable and accurate patient positioning

ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP30 follows the OP product family legacy of patient care. Accurate and stable patient positioning reduces need for retakes and movement artifacts. OP30 exposure values are suitable for every patient size by enhanced kV range and adjustable mA values.

To reduce the patient radiation dose, OP30 has dedicated programs for adults and paediatrics.

Stable patient support

The 5-point, easy patient positioning system holds patient still during the imaging procedure reducing movement artifacts.

User-friendly workflow

Optimal possible combination of technical features and technologies have been selected for OP30.

Patient positioning system and taking the image have been designed for streightforward operation. Patient positioning is accurate and stable. To take the image, only imaging program and patient size needs to be selected. These can be selected from integrated 5.7 inch, remarkably user-friendly touch screen.

To achieve one-of-a-kind image quality, OP30 offers enhanced kV range and adjustable mA values enabling exposure values suitable for every patient size.

Technical specifications

generator High frequency DC, operating frequency 100 – 130kHz
X-ray tube D-054 SB or equivalent
focal spot 0.5mm IEC 60336/1993
filtration total filtration min 2.6 mm Al
tube voltage 63 – 81 kV
tube current 6 – 12 mA with 220-240 VAC (tube current limited with 100-120VAC)
nominal voltage 100 – 120 VAC or 220 – 240 VAC
weight 120 kg
sensor pixel size 48 μm
image pixel size 96 μm
image field height 147 mm

PC minimum requirements for image capturing Pentium 1 Ghz or equivalent, 512 Mb, 40 Gb
TWAIN connectivity optional
DICOM compatibility optional
PC connection LAN/Ethernet

op30 dimensions

op30 dimensions