Durr Image Plate Cleaning Wipes (10 pieces) 330069519

Durr Image Plate Cleaning Wipes (10 pieces) 330069519

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VistaScan image plate cleaning wipes are special cleaning wipes with a disinfectant effect and excellent material compatibility. They have been specially formulated for the VistaScan image plate, and clean thoroughly, while at the same time protecting the value of dental equipment thanks to their proven material compatibility.

Chemical composition

VistaScan image plate cleaning wipes contain 4 g 2-propanol.

Microbiological effectiveness

VistaScan image plate cleaning wipes have a bactericidal, tuberculocidal, levurocidal, and a limited virucidal effectiveness (enveloped viruses such as vaccinia viruses including HBV, HCV and HIV). Tested in accordance with EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 14348, EN 14476.

Directions for use

The VistaScan image plate should be cleaned only with VistaScan image plate cleaning wipes. Carefully wipe the image plate with the cleaning wipe and allow to dry. Only clean intact image plates.

Environmental behaviour
The active ingredient solution of the VistaScan image plate cleaning wipe is readily biodegradable. The packing is made of polyethylene and can therefore be exploited both materially and thermally.

Shelf life

4 years

Packaging units

10 wipes per folding box

10 folding boxes per carton


Store preparation in a cool place, but not below 5°C.

Hazard Statement

VistaScan image plate cleaning wipes are classified and labelled according to the CLP Regulation: see product label and safety data sheet.

Independent reports – in-house tests

The reports are available on request.