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Highlights & Advantages

High quality image capture
Advanced CMOS sensor technology enhances image quality, elevating technical and diagnostic capabilities.
High-performance sensor captures high resolution images, providing more than 20 visible line pairs per millimeter.
Working within a wide dynamic range of X-ray exposure settings provides consistent image quality and repeatable results. Once they experience the ergonomic shape, the speed and comfort of the GXS-700 Size 1 Sensor — the apprehension of even your youngest patient is sure to disappear quickly.
Direct USB connectivity
Ultra-portable sensors with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity.
No need for USB controllers, adapters or docking stations.
Low power consumption.

KaVo GXS-700 – Two ergonomic sensor sizes

  • Size 1 and Size 2 accommodate children and adults.
  • Rounded corners and smooth edge finishes comfortably fit the anatomical shape of the oral cavity.
  • Durable materials and components increase the life span of the product.

A small step for your practice, one giant leap for your workflow efficiency

Known for improving the clinical lives of dentists, KaVo offers the GXS-700 for smooth integration into leading practice management systems. This creates more time for patient contact and additional appointments. The GXS-700 can be conveniently carried to wherever it is needed, from operatory to operatory, for fast, proficient service. Easily capture both horizontal and vertical bitewings. Effortlessly capture high definition images of challenging areas such as third molars and long-rooted canines. The wall-mount cradle safely stores the sensor and USB connector.

Its unique “Always Ready” feature automatically recognizes the presence of radiation and starts image acquisition without initiating the capture through software or hardware interfaces.

With its fast Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection, it saves time every day, no matter the type of appointment. Digital images appear instantly, providing clinicians with immediate feedback. In an emergency, valuable time is not wasted waiting for film to develop, allowing you to quickly attend to your patient.