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The OP300 Maxio Receives a 2016 DPS Best Product Award

April 15th 2016

The OP300 Maxio has received a Best Product Award in this year’s Dental Product Shopper Awards.

It was evaluated on a range of criteria and ranked highly for each element, including range of clinical applications handles and aid to treatment planning.

Many benefits of the OP300 Maxio were highlighted, in particular, its compact design and its ability to combine the latest advancements in 2D and 3D technologies with advanced panoramic x-ray imaging. This makes it ideal for a range of different imaging applications and dental specialities.

The versatility of the OP300 Maxio was also noted; it allows more treatments to be undertaken in-house and assists clinicians with treatment planning. The accuracy of the scans help dentists to view patient’s anatomy in further detail, helping to reduce possible complications and leading to better results overall.

Dr. George Nail, a member of the Dental product Shopper evaluation team, highlights the benefits of using the OP300 Maxio as an educational tool.
He says,

“The OP300 Maxio helps to improve a patient’s understanding of the necessity and urgency of a dentist recommended treatment.

When compared to the use of models to explain treatments to patients, the visual presentation of high quality images is far superior and much quicker.”

With 86% agreeing that they would definitely recommend the OP300 Maxio to colleagues, it’s clear that overall satisfaction is high. The panel commended ‘the flawless design and versatility of the unit’ which has ‘set the new bench mark for whole maxillofacial imaging.’

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